Customer Care

We get to know our customers

We build a relationship with our customers and conduct customer surveys to get to know them - their needs and what they expect from us - and we strive to deliver in a timely, professional and efficient manner. We ensure our customers know we value their opinions and we value them.

We follow up with our customers

We contact our customers once their jobs have been completed, and their vehicles have been returned to them, in order to obtain feedback on their experience and on the subsequent performance of their vehicle.

We emphasize on value, not price

Value encompasses quality of products and services for a fair price before, during and post sale. Hence, we focus on value.

Courtesy is key

We strive to be courteous, polite and friendly to all of our customers. The customer always comes first: our primary goal is to enhance customer experience!


We endeavour to retain our customers

We visit our customers weekly to ensure our customers are satisfied with their vehicle and the service received. We also offer promotions on a regular basis.

Service efficiency

We maintain a quality control system to ensure invoices are accurate and vehicle service is carried out in the most efficient and effective manner.

We keep our promises

We are known for our honesty and our reliability.

We are responsive

We respond to all queries in a timely manner. Our customers are always reminded that we value them and their business.

Should you have any complaints, kindly email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our team is available to promptly attend to your requests.