Company Profile

Mechanical Lloyd PLC


Mechanical Lloyd PLC is a fully owned Ghanaian company established in August 1970 and listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange since 1994. It is an automobile company which currently holds franchises for BMW vehicles and Massey Ferguson agricultural machinery. It has held these franchises for over 10 years.

Mechanical Lloyd has two offices in Accra located in the South Industrial Area (Head Office) and Adenta as well as the Northern Region- Tamale. 

The company is governed by Board of Directors with a strong management team and has a staff strength of about 180.

The corporate mission of Mechanical Lloyd is to establish itself as the leader in the Ghanaian Automotive industry by:

  1. a)      Providing good quality products and service, competitively priced, and delivered in the most courteous and professional manner.
  2. b)      Securing for its shareholders the optimum return on their invested capital
  3. c)      Maintaining an environment where its human resource is provided with the opportunity to develop to its maximum potential
  4. d)      Contributing meaningfully to the welfare of the community in which it operates, and bringing a sense of responsibility to bear on its policies in order to promote what it believes to be in the public interest

The company has over the years been a benchmark for many industry players in Ghana in terms of infrastructure, equipments and staff strength. We have not only set the benchmark in Ghana but also in West Africa, where BMW selected Mechanical Lloyd as its Regional Training Centre for West Africa. This basically means that all BMW organised trainings for BMW dealerships will be hosted at the ultra modern BMW Regional Training Centre located at Mechanical Lloyd.


Due to the company’s performance over the years, it has won several awards including the following:

  1. Ghana Chartered Institute of Marketing Award for ‘Motor Firm of the Year 2013’
  2. AGI Ghana Industry Awards for ‘Automotive and Transportation Sector Award 2012’
  3. Ghana Chartered Institute of Marketing award for ‘Best Motor Company of Ghana’ in 1993, 1997 and 2010
  4. Ghana Business and Financial Excellence Award in 2008
  5. Golden Jubilee ‘Business & Financial Services’ Gold Award in 2007
  6. SSNIT ‘Best Employer Award’ in 2005
  7. Millenium Excellence ‘Business of the Decade’ Award in 1999
  8. Ghana Institute of Management Award for "Best Managed
    Company in Ghana" in 1988
  9. Massey Ferguson Golden Bucket Award for Africa in 1977 and

Mechanical Lloyd has won several nominations and consistently been a member of Ghana Club 100.

The company has undertaken several corporate social responsibility activities in areas such as education, water and sanitation, health care, corporate sponsorships promoting a particular cause and various customer satisfaction programs.